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Classical Temple and Theater, Greece
Production Notes

Although based on actual site data and archaeological finds in Greece, these illustrations reflect an idealized sanctuary complex.

The temple, temple wall, and the smaller enclosed area southeast of the temple are based on data from one site. The temple is a reduced version of the Parthenon ¹ ² in Athens (447-438 BC). The theater northeast of the temple was modeled after the theater at the Sanctuary of Epidaurus, built about the same time (4th c. BC) and designed by Polykleitos the Younger. The forest is dominated by olive trees (Olea europaea) with turkey oak (Quercus cerris) and laurel (Laurus nobilis).

This reconstruction was created and rendered in Visual Nature Studio by Scott Cherba, based on original work by Peggy Sanders of Archaeological Graphic Services and the University of Chicago.

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