Pueblo: A Real-time Exploration
NatureView Express and VRML

This Visual Nature Studio project is based on a scene developed for Keyframe magazine. The lake is not historically accurate; it was added to enhance the scene. Scene Express was used to export the project to the NatureView Express and VRML real-time formats. NatureView Express is a stand-alone viewer while VRML offers 3D interaction within a web browser.

Exploring this real-time scene is easy.

1. Download and extract the latest version of 3D Nature's NatureView Express viewer (1.3 Mb).
2. Download the NVE scene files. You don't have to extract them; NatureView Express will do that for you.
3. Launch NatureViewExpress.exe.
4. Open the WukokiNVE.zip file. Navigation instructions appear in the opening screen. Additional help can be accessed with the
h key.

Pueblo in NatureView Express

For the VRML fans out there, here's the VRML project exported using the same terrain and texture resolutions.

VRML output in Cortona 6

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