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Wukoki AD 1150, Keyframe 32 & 33.

Recreating the northern Arizona landscape before and after pueblo construction with WCS6 and LightWave 7.5. Online supplements in my Resource section.

Rebuilding Kinsale: 1601, 3DArtist#45 & #46.

Rebuilding Kinsale, Ireland, with LightWave and WCS for a recreation of the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. VNS was released as the second magazine installment went to press and renders with the new software were posted as an online supplement.

Matching Multiple LightWave 5.6 Objects in WCS.

With a little bit of planning and the right method, you can use a LWO DEM exported from WCS as a reference to model 3D Objects on in LightWave. This allows you to bring the LWO 3D Object back into WCS in its proper location. The same technique can be applied to any 3D modeling program that reads and writes LWO, 3DS, or DXF objects.

ScreamerNet II for LW5.6.

Really, it's as easy as this...

Asteroid LScript for Rocks for LW5.6.

Another oldie but goodie if you're still using LW5.6 and need an easy rock builder.

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